Monday, March 28, 2011

PAVE volunteer sounds off on Virgin Mobile stalking commercials

Ugh, this commercial is horrible!! I can't believe all of the comments on it, too. Most of them are saying that it's hilarious and true, and the few people that have commented about how it's bad are getting insulted. I like this comment, though: "This is a bad commercial. It seems funny at first....but then you realize it's showing how Facebook, and Twitter can be used by stalkers. I bet you what they're showing has actually happened. Imagine this ad, if the stalker was a dude instead. Much, much less funny." I like how they're getting at the point that it's minimizing the seriousness of stalking, showing how technology has become a major tool for stalkers, and how it's reinforcing the idea that all females are stalkers.

Ahh, the second one is even worse! It's like they're totally insinuating that all girls are hysterical and "crazy" and that people will therefore relate to the commerical and be more likely to buy the phone. And the fact that they're portraying stalking, especially by a girl, as harmless and comical is just disgusting.

Post by: Stephanie Cook